Salty Lemon - Sour 4.7% 20L Keykeg


Salty Lemon - Sour 4.7% 20L Keykeg

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This Berliner Weisse started its life as a Proto beer: 4 kegs for festivals only, but it was love at first taste! We just had to brew more.

The base is tart with loads of lemon juice and lemon peel, but soon the liquorice root and vanilla make themselves known. This beer has everything: sweetness, acidity and saltiness, balanced in a unique blend.

Untappd 12.02: 4.07

Alkoholipitoisuus: 4,7

Pakkauskoko: 2000cl

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Myyntierä: 1

Myyntierän GTIN numero: 17350074523104

Kappaleen GTIN numero: 17350074523104